3 thoughts on “Sunday, April 12, 2020

  1. Yes, we’re in a serious situation, but vignettes like these would make you think that we’re facing the imminent extinction of humankind. Not so. Keep Calm and Type On, folks.


  2. Hoppy CatEaster! 😀
    Heck, I still can’t find toilet paper, but I only go out once a week to look anyway. Still, when I do go out, I’m usually one of maybe 2-3 people in mask and gloves. Everyone else in this state (admittedly a God/Guns/Country leaning one) seems to be willing to risk it all on a daily basis for chicken wings and topping off that year’s supply of TP. No zombie apocalypse yet, but one gets nervous..


  3. Hi T. My son and hubby are watching a 15th century Korean zombie apocalypse series on Nxxxxxxx which takes the edge off of our nervousness with the current global pandemic. An episode or two of that series makes use feel like we are up to tackling the challenges in California – we’ll get through this. Can do. I guess I’ll write about that on a typewriter….


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