5 thoughts on “Saturday, April 25, 2020

  1. Nice to see more entries. I have really been enjoying these pages many from contributors I don’t even recall. I hope to see this continue well into the future.

    To Madison WI: Forest Bathing – it’s a real thing. I believe it may be Japanese in origin. Essentially it is being in nature. Going out on the trails or into the forest, away from streets and traffic and all things human. It grounds the body and brings on a sense of calm – relieving stress. I read somewhere that it can cause a significant shift in blood pressure in as little as ten minutes. https://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/

  2. What is marvelous about OTP is that we are reading the typewritten voices of people all over the USA — and I think a couple from Europe. Great “shelter in place” challenge! Love the different fonts.

    1. I hope this goes on far beyond any sheltering. These reads make me feel like I’m in a coffee shop mingling and chatting with the patrons.

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