One thought on “Wednesday, February 3, 2021

  1. Hi Frances. Check your local public health website. That’s what we have our patients do. They have a list of the pop ups in the area. Most smaller clinics aren’t equipped to manage the vaccination. There is more to this one than, say, a flu shot. When I got mine, I had to go through several stations. Also, because this is new, they are having folks wait to make sure they don’t have adverse reactions (anaphylaxis). Oh, don’t forget to set up for vaccine #2 before you leave. Some folks do and it’s the Dickens to get it set up after the fact.

    I hope you get set up soon. Things are starting to open up and move faster here. We have a good governor here in Washington and he is following Biden’s recommendations. Comment back or drop a line at

    Mike, in Suquamish

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