4 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 17, 2021

  1. Nice advice on writing.
    Congratulations on the SM9 repair. Personally, I’d take a TP1 over any Olympia any day. I have both, and used many Olympia typewriters, but there is something special about the smoothness of a TP1. Same with an Adler JP-4.
    One day I may venture some typewritten ramblings on OTP, but I don’t keep active enough on my own blog.
    Here’s one for JVC: I’ve visited, and very much enjoyed, ABQ several times during July & August; when are the evenings balmy?
    Happy typing everyone.

  2. Bill: late at night it gets down to room temperature in the summer. The mile+ elevation helps.

    Regarding OTP, I’ve lately been submitting more here than my own blog.

    1. Yes. I guess to this old Easterner balmy includes high humidity which I never experienced in any of the Western USA. I knew a fellow in Lubbock, TX (we grew up in the same town in PA) who told me it gets humid there, but I never spent any time in Texas.

  3. William, I share your enthusiasm for the Olympia SM9. I would point out that I too really enjoy the TP1 that I own and only have good things to say about it. Ironically, I too had been using my Facit quite a bit this week (as seen in my previous submissions) before switching back over to a SM9 just as you did. I have a number of typewriters that I enjoy using, but my 1966 SM9 that I used for my submission above remains the last typewriter that I’d part with. Given my experience, it’s not hard for me to imagine why Olympia sold so many typewriters over the years — awesome machines.

    Bill M, I’ve come to the conclusion that many of us are inclined to prefer some makes over others and that likely says at least as much about ourselves and our preferences as it does about the typewriters themselves. Having so many great machines out there to choose from is a good thing. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. As long as a person can find at least one typewriter that they really enjoy using, that’s all that matters in my book

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