3 thoughts on “Thursday, March 18, 2021

  1. Speaking of cue little cats and kittens; when we had kittens they would keep me amused by climbing drapes and window screens. This past winter we were ca sitting at our place, and I forgot about how cats like to climb anything they can. I found the cat sleeping on the fireplace mantle. When I got her down she promptly climbed the rocks and laid back on the mantle.

    Typewriters vs the PC: no red or blue squiggles to distract from writing.

    On barefoot running: much easier to keep stride. Running sneakers are major distractions and cause shin splints.

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  2. When I took up BF running in 2011 I literally cured PF, bilateral torn meniscus, shin splints. All my hair grew back and I grew 2 inches. Okay, I lied there a bit. I also noticed a sense of wellness after the run – grounding?


  3. Correction: Mummified Egyptian cats look like finely wrapped bowling ball pins. (Not bowling balls.) Statuesque.


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