4 thoughts on “Monday, March 29, 2021

  1. Nice pens. My favorite is my Waterman 100 year with a flex nib. I keep that one at home.
    Not sure about the magnet on the Hermes Rocket. The lever is locked for the cover by the shift lock.
    We have those bike repair stations here in the city as well as on some of the trails.
    Neat writing room. I also tend to get too involved on typewriter repairs. The thing is to start out and teach yourself. If you can get junker machines cheap those are the best because you can’t break what is already broken, and those were what taught me a lot about typewriters and their repair.

  2. I just started using the fountain pens for sketching. I have acquired 4 Lamy Safari pens, each with different nibs and inks. I carry them with my small sketchbook/notepad almost everywhere I go which leads to typing and further sketching/drawing.

  3. I love this page, so wonderful – a Hermes Baby and someone’s beautiful writing space on the same page! Love love love looking at other writers’ altars where magic can be made after much groundwork and toil x

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