3 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 30, 2021

  1. Beautiful pens Barbara.
    I think it all depends where a person grows up as to what young people can do to keep busy. I’m lucky I grew up in a small town where we could ride bikes, swim in the creeks, play in the coal banks (and get in trouble for being so dirty), fly kites in the March winds, and hike in the mountains for hours on end, and this is only a start. However no matter where one lives there is always ham radio, the original social network as well as digital communications (the Morse Code).
    JVC, I was a loaner much of my life also. I guess that is where I got my radiohead.
    Oh, my favorite instrument: bagpipes! I go to extremes though, the other is the pipe organ.

  2. Hi Barbara. I actually had an increase in my tinitus and so did another guy from the clinic. It wasn’t constant, but the sessions were louder and longer in duration. Really weird. Still, it beats the alternative.

  3. I am engrossed by the episodes following Mikos and Eliza and the bugged Olympia typewriter. It beat out Netflix Korean rom-com — at least for today.

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