3 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 31, 2021

  1. Saddened to hear your news, Bill. I was able to take early retirement before all the virus hit. Now I wonder, when did I have time for work?
    Beautiful Parker Duofold fountain pens. I bet they write smooth as silk.
    Fence poetry should be spread throughout the world. It is really nice.
    Kent, you are using direct burial cable??? At least SJOW. It’s not direct burial, but at least it is water rated. If regular cable stays in the damp ground too long the insulation can deteriorate and cause ground leak power loss which can cause problems.

  2. Thanks Bill. I had been working towards early retirement myself, just not quite this early. My wife is the financial planner of the family and is crunching numbers to figure out just where we stand after this latest development.

    Life comes at us with a lot of fastballs when we’re young, but seems to favor the curveball and sometimes even the knuckleball as we age. It certainly keeps things interesting.

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