One thought on “Saturday, April 3, 2021

  1. I have some black & red ribbons, but mostly use all black and switch to red when the black side gets too light. About the only time I use alcohol on rubber is to remove white out from platens. Then I give them a good clean with rubber rejuvenator. Sometimes the rubber rejuvenator takes the white out off without the need for alcohol.

    Daniel, I kind of miss the noise of a dial-up modem (but no the slow speed). I used those old acoustic couplers also, back in the day a mini computer took a 6 ft. tall equipment rack and either used punched tape or 8 inch floppies. Sorry to hear of your camper problems.

    I noticed OTP was posting late. I think it is Google because I clicked on the link and OTP was up to date, but not on my blog list. The time stamp was still a day behind. Blogger is really bad lately all posts on the lists seem to run about 12 hours late.

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