2 thoughts on “Monday, April 5, 2021

  1. If I remember correctly, John boy used an Oliver 9. In at least one episode it is shown from the front.
    The IBM attire, I almost went to work for them. I worked for Dictaphone, and they required their people to wear shirt, and tie, and jacket. Then I went to work in an engineering department of a big conglomerate and graduated to 3 piece suits until I went to my favorite, jeans and T-shirts or when needed golf shirts. My last few jobs were t-shirts or flannel shirts & jeans. I too got rid of the most worthless piece of attire ever invented. Thanks for the memories, Kent.

    Great airmail and script typeface from Manila.

  2. I worked in high tech for the majority of my career and I was required to wear a suit and tie at just one of those companies. It actually proved to be one of my favorite jobs of all. I didn’t love wearing a suit and tie, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was the work itself and many of the people that I worked with that made that job special. Over time I learned that any notion that a t-shirt and jeans equated to more freedom than the suit and tie was ill-conceived on my part. Now at almost 59 years of age, my wardrobe consists primarily of things like t-shirts, and jeans, just as it did when I was in high school. I’m comfortable, but I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of this. I tend to describe earlier generations as those when men dressed like men instead of boys.

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