5 thoughts on “Friday, April 9, 2021

  1. I hope your back is soon better, Paul. On the fountain pen front, most of mine are Chinese. I find the Hero pens quite nice, but Duke tend to leak after they get about 5 years on them.
    Nice typewriter/typing table combination.

    Quite a nice list of neat old typewriters Kent.

  2. I seem o mix up or not distinguish between Bill M. and Bill G. Which one of you has a blog and please direct me to it. I like reading blogs of writer friends as opposed to fake news.

  3. Hi Catalina, I believe that Bill M has a blog, as do I. My name is Bill Guthrie and my blog is titled The Typewritemosphere. It can be found at typewritemosphere.com if you would care to check it out.

  4. Paul, I can very much appreciate your thoughts. While I was late to the game when it comes to typewriters, it seems that I’ve been involved most of my life with practically everything else tagged with “analog” these days. Be it film cameras, turntables/vinyl record playback, typewriters or any number of other things, I’m encouraged to see an ever increasing number young people seeking out such experiences.

  5. For what it is worth here’s my blog. I’ve been quite inactive when I should be very active on it. the blogger ‘improvements’ pretty much killed their blog format. I’m moving onto WordPress when I take time to set up there.
    Mine started with fountain pens, fountain pen friendly paper and journals, and morphed into typewriter repairing.

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