3 thoughts on “Saturday, April 24, 2021

  1. Beautiful Aristocrat. Have you ever compared it to the same era Hermes Baby? I find the clones usually type nicer than the Hermes.
    Those huge windmills are really neat to watch as they gracefully spin creating our electricity. Then I thing of all the birds they kill.
    Have a save wonderful trip Daniel.


    1. Hi, Bill – I have both the Hermes & Empire Babies, both purchased from Charlie Foxtrot Vintage, and I find they type the same – beautifully! Philip is a master craftsman when it comes to restoring these vintage machines. I already had the Hermes, then had to have the Aristo as a) it was made the same year as me, and b) not only does it have £, $ and cent key, it also has the # and @ and the rarer sage green body.

      Loved reading your road trip, Daniel – safe journey!


  2. Wonderful stories!

    Enjoyed the text from somewhere in the EU. I will look in the archive for more clues of the language and author. I can make most of it, I think. The irony of an English keyboard being adopted in the EU and then Brexit!

    The wren’s nest under the hood is most intriguing; I had never heard of that before.

    Thanks Catalina for your creativity.


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