4 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 27, 2021

  1. Ah, the wonderful world of television. Did you know Philo Farnsworth never owned one?
    Those showers are headed our way Kent. We should have them over night.
    BTW. I think I failed to comment on those wonderful typewriters yesterday as I read OTP on my phone when I was in Lansing.
    One of, if not, my best typewriter is my Underwood Rhythm Touch. It’ll give any manual or electric a run for its money, but mine is not as nice looking as the one on OTP.


  2. What a fantastic and diverse group of posters! I am encouraged to muster-up the energy to do my own submission soon!




  3. John Baird: the current Mars exploration is fascinating. Ingenuity and Perseverance – inspirational to say the least. My father worked more than 40 years as an electronician, repairing TVs, radios, turning tables and sound amps. I grew up hanging around his shop and later his store.

    Xicano: thanks for the book reference. I will get one. From the age of 12, my parents moved us to a small farm. I worked with them and my brothers with the crops, the bees and the sheep flock and the woodlot where I helped my father build a “cabane à sucre”, a sugar shack to make maple syrup from the trees. Learned to drive tractors and combine harvesters and ditched the truck by inadvertance. After graduate studies, I made a career in international affairs related to agriculture and agrifood.


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