2 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 26, 2021

  1. Barbara, thanks for the mention. Finding just the right blue for ink is as challenging as finding just the right blue typewriter ribbon.
    I personally like Noodles 54th Massachusetts for my green tint steno pads and journals and Waterman Serenity Blue for most other writing. I may give Bay State a try. I like the way is shows on your post.

    I disagree with noisy motorcycles though Scott. I rode both noisy and quieter bikes, and found it much more enjoyable on long trips on a BMW than my Harley. I also drove emergency vehicles and the Federal Q2 siren is the loudest in the world, deafening 4 feet in front of it and at full blast people would pull out in front, not pull over, and generally did not pay attention, until we would sound the air horns.

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