3 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 1 , 2021

  1. Those old silos are neat. A fellow somewhere made a super luxury condo and resort out of one. Back when they first went on auction I was in the military surplus business with a friend. We bid on some as soon as possible, but we were still too late for the millionaires and big corporations who purchased most of them.

    Kent, great idea with the spry on rubber leak seal. I never gave that or FlexSeal a thought. I’ve got to try it. It is great to find out how others in the Typosphere find new uses for products and how to use them on their typewriters. Cork should make a great typing pad. I read some place that early platens were cork covered wood.


  2. I forgot about the hollowed out mountains in Pennsylvania and Virginia. There is even a huge bunker data center (decommissioned) under Pittsburgh. All built in secret. How’d they haul off all the dirt?


  3. Daniel,

    Don’t be hard on yourself. You have posted OTP for 430 straight days! No vacation and no holidays. You deserve all our gratitude.


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