3 thoughts on “Monday, June 7, 2021

  1. Catalina, The big Underwood looks like an SS/Rhythm Touch with a Champion Keyboard. If it types like mine, it will be a wonderful typer.
    The Champion keyboard is nicer than the standard one as the key tops are larger, and to me, more comfortable to use.

    Mike, When I chop hot peppers I learned to use vinyl cooking gloves. When I’m out I use exam gloves. I’ve had to use my swimming goggles when chopping onions that are strong enough to make tears, and I won’t go into how I used my Scott air pack around the house (had nothing to do with firefighting or HAZMAT).

  2. I used to eat a fresh(some say raw) serrano with each meal. I haven’t done that since my gallbladder issues and since I’ve had it removed. I’m scared to but I want to try it. I miss the serrano but I can live without it if I must.

  3. Bill M, I was hoping you could identify it. Now, I can look up the model on the Typewriter Database and inspire him to get it cleaned and tuned up as necessary. Thanks so much.

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