9 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 9, 2021

  1. Skyriters. Probably my favorite travel typewriter. Great touch, and all mine have good platens and feed rollers.

    Catalina, those old Remington 1 & 2 are nice typers. Use a few sheets of backer paper or a sheet of card stock that is not too thick to go through the machine. It may help protect the ribbon. Old Underwood Typewriters can be fun to figure out the model and year. Underwood used so many combinations of parts from the different models and even interchanged serial numbers. Then add to that the rebuilders who did things their way, and you can have a time tracing an Underwood typewriter’s beginnings.

    Quick Brown Fox, congratulations on the Royal. It’s got a great typeface.

  2. Congrats on your first typed page submission Bill M.!

    I think this comment section is ideal as an immediate feedback on people’s submissions. I don’t know how many people look at the comments the next day the pages have been posted to see if anyone has commented. I do and I enjoy the comments like I enjoy the pages people submit.

    Kent: I always think you are typing on blue paper but this photo shows your paper is white, so maybe you use some filters to change the colour?

    Daniel B.

  3. Okay, I’m really getting close to jumping in with everyone here at OTP. Such a varied, fluid and interesting group with this unique almost interactive hang out. I’ve already taken out my typewriters, cleaned, tweaked and have decided on the One.

    Catalina, I will hazard a guess on your Underwood: a Standard Model 11, most likely from the 40s. Move the carriage to the left and you will probably find a serial number plate on the frame just to the right of the right ribbon spool with a sequence that looks something like this: S########-11.

    See you all soon at OTP!

  4. Hi Bill M. Glad to see you here with your first page submitted. I may have mentioned this on your blog. My grandfather restored the old phonographs. His worksop was decorated with the more ornamental horns that he suspended from the ceiling. He specialized in the older Edison cylinder machines.

    1. I think you did on a post I did where I mentioned old phonographs or the Duplex. The factory is no longer here, and only a portion of the Gibson guitar factory is left.
      Those old Edison horns were much prettier than any others.

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