6 thoughts on “Friday, July 16, 2021

  1. Mike, the most leak prone alkaline batteries are Energizers and Costco branded. Ray-O-Vac leak the least followed by Duracell.
    I recently opened a weather radio that got paced on our move over 5 years ago. To my surprise when I opened it I found 4 dead, and not leaking Ray-O-Vac batteries. I’ve only used Ray-O-Vac in my test equipment and radio gear for over 30 years, and I’ve never had leakage problems. I cannot say the same for Energizers. I don’t know how much equipment (not only my own), hand lights, and other things I’ve seen ruined by those batteries. The red Eveready (before Energizer), and many of their carbon batteries, were great for not leaking and lasting long also. I have some over 50 years old, and not a drop of leakage. They are dead of course.

  2. Mike, I use four 3xAA -> D adapters in my Typestar, and put (a total of 12!) Panasonic Eneloop nickel-metal hydride rechargeables in the adapters. My owner’s manual says if I run the Typestar on wall power it will recharge Nicads…which are something entirely different than nickel-metal hydrides so I gotta pull the rechargeables. I’m hearing impaired, moderate at low frequencies and sever at high frequencies and don’t really hear an end bell, so I really like auto end-of-line return.

    1. Tom,

      I charge my NiMH cells on a slow rate, at an amperage equal to capacity in mAh divided by 16 so depending if the rate of charge is low enough, you could leave them inside the typewriter for 16 hours and unplug the cord after.

      Daniel B.

  3. JPB – this weekend, the Mayfair Theatre is showing “Pig” with Nicolas Cage, “Hors Normes” (France) with Vincent Cassel and Réda Ketab, and the Canadian Sci-Fi classic “Heavy Metal” with John Candy (among others) for its 40th anniversary screening.

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