3 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 3, 2021

  1. Hello!
    James from Villonia, Ar.: I am also from Arkansas originally; Little Rock, born and raised. I grew up shopping and eating in Kmarts when they also had restaurants in them. Those were the days in the mid 70s. Also they had the best fitted jeans in my opinion: Route 66. I enjoyed your post and seeing that Kmart typewriter. Looks alot like my Olivetti Studio 44 in color. Great post, great memories. Natasha/Simone


  2. Leo Madigow: I enjoyed reading your poetry. Number 30 where it says: “One woman’s necklace is another woman’s noose…” That can also be said about wedding rings too…one woman’s treasured jewel could be another’s ball and chain (?). Anyway, loved that metaphor. Natasha/Simone


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