5 thoughts on “Thursday, August 5, 2021

  1. Tori – I like my TWSBI 530 (discontinued and replaced with the current 580 model). But I’m not just recommending this to validate my choice – the 580 is on all the “Best Under $100” lists. That said and hypothetically buying today, I’d probably get two TWSBI Ecos, each at half the price of a 580, and have two different inks in them, ready to go. : )

  2. Tori, If you go back many months, OTP writers also favor the very affordable Pilot Metropolitan – Retro Series pens. They come in cool metal barrel retro 1960’s -1970’s colors and are designed to be light in weight and comfortable to write with with an egg shaped top and bottom. Retail $24; street price $18 new (on eBay). Each pen comes with option of a converter or ‘bladder’ that you fill and refill with bottled ink. Or, you can buy cartridges. Cartridges are disposable — meaning it leaves a lot (too much) of wasted plastic on the planet. So, I have been learning to re-fill one or two of my favorite pens at a time and write, write, write. I like TWSBI Eco very much; cool in look, you can see the ink in the piston. Heavier in weight than the Pilot Metropolitan, but it is smooth and wet.

  3. Bill James. I enjoyed your piece about being close to greatness. I happen to use Bremerton Office Machines for my typewriter service. He’s quite the individual and takes good care of my machines. At any rate, I thought he would be amused by your submission so I sent it to him. Forgive me if I overstepped any boundaries.

  4. Tori. I really enjoy your posts and the creative way you submit the ones you created on an electronic typer. I have many questions on your technique for processing them to look typewritten. Drop me a line please: bassdoc1@gmail.com.

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