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  1. To Linda. In high-school in the mid to late ’60s I would read the fine print below the song titles, to see who wrote the songs on the British Invasion groups’ cover versions, and then I’d buy records by Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, Phil Everly, Carl Perkins etc. (As a music journalist in Boston I later got to interview the last 4 of those 6 men.) A favorite was Sam Cooke, who died soon after I started listening to pop music in ’64. I’ve recently revisited him to my great pleasure. I so appreciate him over his stylistic successor, Al Green, who had a fine voice of course but such mediocre light-weight songs. I just heard Cooke’s live at the Harlem Square Club CD, a less sweet, more rugged approach made specifically to appeal to his black audience in 1963.

    1. Sam Cooke was amazing. I have some of his records and am looking for an 8 track. Did you see the Netflix documentary about his life? So tragic. A music journalist would be an awesome job for sure. I was a secretary who typed all day starting in high school 1969.

      1. It is hard to hear the nearly angelic voice and think about his end, whatever happened. Reading about it, it seemed as if it might be partly his drunken fault. Not the way such a shining star should die. If you hear the live album I mentioned, it is clear what an influence Cooke had on Otis Redding.

  2. Richard,

    Happy belated birth day to you and happy birthday to your daughter. It was a challenge but fun to read in Dutch. I also used Google translate to verify if I had understood well and no, I had not 🙂

    Good to hear from you again.

    Daniel Burgoyne

    1. Linda: the Star type cleaner would work if it is still sticky and soft. Not so much if it is dry. I have heard of using silly putty to clean types in the same way but I haven’t tried it. In watchmaking we use a product called Rodico which works on the same principle.

      Daniel Burgoyne

      1. Yes, I used one yesterday and it worked great. Not pliable but still soft enough to use. I bought 6 of them. I always bought an insane amount of typewriter erasers and vintage papers to type on. Will put photos when it all arrives.

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