3 thoughts on “Saturday, August 21, 2021

  1. To Linda. I just read “The Music Shop” about 2 months ago and adored it. Being a music journalist for 30 odd years (and I do mean odd) (old joke) I was a sucker for the subject matter. But the heart and soul and whimsy of the book knocked me out in the best possible way. I then tried a book of the author’s short stories (my favorite form) and was disappointed. It just seemed like forced whimsy about essentially dull middle-class characters. But the people of “The Music Shop” are an enchanted lot. — Dan


  2. To Leo. The quote, as you may know, is not by Hemingway. He has said several things about how hard it is to write well. But it was sports columnist Red Smith, upon being asked about the difficulty of writing a story everyday, who may have first uttered the quote. The best version, the most writerly and poetic, goes like this: There’s nothing to writing. You just sit down at your desk and open a vein.” Smith probably said “veins” and then added a mention of bleeding. Others have said something of the order of truly reaching readers only by leaving some blood on the page. (In no versions is the shotgun suggested as the weapon, so you may have up the ante.) — D. Gewertz


  3. Mike, don’t let the world get you down buddy. Keep on truckin! But seriously we have to keep, or get, our mental health well. Hope you’re in better spirits soon 🙂

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