7 thoughts on “Thursday, August 26, 2021

  1. Eric Tidd, oh my I loved your post. I paused watching the old Perry Mason show to read this and imagined you as Paul Drake the PI. What an exciting life or imagination. I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel and plan to soon. Keep writing and sharing whether true or fiction.

  2. Mike in Virginia, as for the postal service. First, our local carriers and post offices are treasures and heroes. DeJoy has put more restrictions on first class mail going into effect on October 1. This man was hired by Trump to destroy the post office. During the last election he cut hours, fired workers close to retirement, destroyed sorting machines. Now seniors and vets do not get checks or medicines on time. People have died waiting for their meds. If you get tracking number for item you bought say on ebay it shows me that an item went to 8 different states, sits for days, and sometimes takes a month to arrive. Used to get daily mail, now weekly of bi-weekly because of him and the other board members who are all Republican Trump fans. When covid hit DeJoy refused giving masks to employees for almost a year. I bought boxes of masks for my carrier every month. Please check in with your postal workers and see what they need. Maybe donating snacks or water will make their day.

  3. I can’t resist a comment on a comment.
    I agree with Linda, but I go one step further; Dejoy should have been fired on Inauguration Day or the day after.
    We have a carrier who does a great job, on time, every day. Too bad he has an incompetent for a boss (Dejoy)
    I intentionally misspell his name, he does not deserve the respect to have it correctly spelled.

  4. I totally agree with the comments above about dejoy. I think what he did to the U.S. postal service was criminal. Those conservatives love mouthing off about how the left hates America but actions speak louder than words.

  5. Tori, responding to yesterday’s post, if you watch this video https://youtu.be/MUWYE-dhy1U it shows you how to take up the slack on Smith Corona electronic typewriter correction ribbon. This may be why you are having so much trouble with yours. It worked for me!

    Mike in VA

  6. Linda, Bill, and Juan, I agree completely! Our postal workers are great but they are being pushed to the limit. I hope some change will be made a the top. Destroying sorting machines last year was criminal!

  7. Richard: I am enjoying “The Island” series. Was your choice of ship names meant to flush out the “Trekkies” in the group?

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