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  1. Catalina – the only thing you need to know is the width of the paper you have in the machine. The scale on the typewriter itself will give you the numbers of characters. The width of the paper in the photo is “taking up” 33 spaces on the scale. Divide 33 by the paper’s width in inches and your will know the cpi of the machine. Is that piece of paper 5-1/2″ wide? I am eyeing it from the photo at 6 cpi since the scale is numbered from 0 to 50 for a letter-sized sheet of paper.

    Bill J – re ribbons, I have used nylon all black, all blue and black and red. I don’t use the red very much and feel like I would rather have black and blue to getting the most out of a ribbon. Also look for a copy of The Typewriter Revolution by Richard Polt and Joe Van Cleave’s YouTube video on ribbons.

    Daniel B

  2. To Brendan Murphy. That was one of the most gorgeous things I’ve read recently. Really! It even got me wondering about the cosmos, with the final paragraph about never knowing the worth of the deeds we mortals do in the cause of communication and storytelling. I don’t get to read OTP as often as I ‘should”… but I will look for your posts in the future. And I will leave a url for a long appreciation I wrote this past week for Don Everly, the recently deceased Everly Brother, written partly on typewriter,and pubbed on a Boston-based arts journal called The Arts Fuse.org. https://artsfuse.org/235713/music-remembrance-don-everly-1937-2021/

    1. Thanks for sharing the link to your text on the Everly Brothers. I enjoyed reading it and watching the videos you suggested.

      I did not know them other than the songs I had heard of the radio.

      Daniel B.

  3. Catalina… I enjoyed your piece on the ball game. I certainly noticed the progress of that game from watching the Red Sox game. I am a Boston resident, but so admire the A’s ability to win and win with so little $ doled out. Kind of like the polar opposite of the Yanks. The Red Sox, Yanks and A’s are apparently diving in for 2 spots…so the best use of capital in our capitalistic empire may not win in the end, but the winner is sure of winning… one way or ‘nuther. Charles Finley is smiling somewhere up there.

  4. Bill,
    I have ordered ribbons of various types from Typewriter Stuff and The Modern Typewriter on Etsy.
    Two pages of paper work fine, but I have found construction paper is a little better print on my machines.
    A pad underneath greatly reduces noice and vibrations. I got mine from TypeOhDesign on Etsy, but there are others.
    Experiment with your typing force or touch, different backing pages, weight of paper, types of ribbons. That’s part of the fun.
    Cleaning is easy with Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, toothbrushes, etc. YouTube is a great resource for any type of cleaning or adjusting that is needed on typewriters.
    Good luck,
    Ron A.

  5. Welcome Brendan from Sacramento. I enjoyed reading your typed thoughts to win the day. Daniel G., I can’t wait to read your tribute to the Everly Brothers tonight. I hope it doesn’t make me cry.

  6. Bill

    For a low cost typewriter pad, go to Walmart and buy a ¼” ( 6mm) thick yoga mat. Cut 14″ off one end and cut that piece in half, you will have two 12″ x 14″ typewriter pads. They are non-slip, cushioning and sound absorbing. Leave the corners square or round them off as you please, I use a 2″ ribbon spool as my template for rounding corners.

    For ribbons, give Lanie Hurwitz a call 800-250-7426, or stop by his website http://www.ribbonsunlimited.com and see what grabs your attention. For best reproduction printing, I agree with others on an all black cotton ribbon and turn it over when it starts to look a little faint. Here’s a handy tip. Wear a pair of latex or nitrile examination gloves when working with ribbons. Peel them off when you’re done and your hands are still clean. Happy typing,


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