7 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 31, 2021

  1. Ron A., that beer/real estate story is terrific. I love these little glimpses into the way this weird old world works.

  2. Dato in Falls Church – we all know when we must give ip a job to save our sanity. Keep looking and applying. Fall is far different in Midwest. I miss the trees changing colors bug not the snow/ice. I have 2 typewriters and found myself looking at another on eBay.

  3. ABQ JVC – thanks for sharing story about your mother. So glad your dad kept you all together. Sorry you lost her so young.
    I typed for a living. Took typing, shorthand, bookkeeping in high school. Worked for lawyers for 35 years and last 5 years at Mayo Clinic. Did not embrace computers and still don’t have one. My phone is challenging enough. Wrote a book years ago too.

  4. Hi, Catalina. Just wanted to congratulate you on appearing on Poem-a-day on poets.org. I read the poem to myself and then listened to it. I won’t pretend to have understood it all. (I even had to look up ‘jeepney’ – which shows my ignorance.) I think it’s the kind of poem that rewards the reader more upon each new reading. Your recital of it , changing speed, for instance, on ‘and the word was…’, slowing down near the bottom of the list, added drama and tension.

    On a lighter but related note I’m reminded of the true story of the last two fluent speakers of a language who live half a kilometre apart – but won’t talk to each other! https://newsfeed.time.com/2011/04/18/last-two-speakers-of-dying-language-refuse-to-talk-to-each-other/

  5. Leo, Thank you for reading and listening to my poem today. What more can a poet ask for? I love the article. It could be the subject of a new poem or several poems. I will respond to you further in my OTP for tomorrow — which I will write this evening.

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