9 thoughts on “Sunday, September 5, 2021

  1. Barbara, where can I buy Palm Springs Noir! I am in love with Palm Springs and hope to move there. Collecting and devouring everything vintage Palm Springs got me through last 2 years. Thanks

  2. Linda,

    If you are into Palm Springs and Noir, in addition to Barbara’s book track down a copy of POODLE SPRINGS, a novel that Raymond Chandler started an Robert B. Parker completed. It is very nicely done. Parker also wrote a sequel to Chandler’s THE BIG SLEEP called PERCHANCE TO DREAM and it is also a winner.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Palm Springs Noir (Akashic) can be ordered at bookshop.org or any online store and brick and mortar stores will have it or order it for you. Nice to meet a fella lover of Palm Springs. Where do you live?
    Thanks for asking!

    1. I currently live in DC (previously from Michigan and Minnesota). I found your book on eBay which is where I buy everything I need/want.

  4. Barbara, I do know that buying used books isn’t helpful but in DC where no one has a car, bookstores seem to only carry political bestsellers. I do check local bookstores first always. I wrote a book a really long time ago and know how hard it was to get into bookstores. Sure I’ll love your book.

    1. When you order online, a great way to support writers and independent bookstores is to order from bookshop.org.

      Hope you enjoy Palm Springs Noir.

      Another collection of short stories that takes place in PS is The Low Desert by my friend, Tod Goldberg (Counterpoint). Published earlier this year.


  5. Thanks Barbara for the website, I will order from there in the future. Thanks also for The Low Desert mention. My books have been very vintage so far (40s – 70s).

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