9 thoughts on “Thursday, September 9, 2021

  1. Robert Bulman: welcome to OTP community! I have a 1968’ish Lettera 32 (made in Canada) that looks just like yours and love, love, love it! Check out the serial number number of yours in cimparion to the Letteras 32 in the TypewriterDatabase.com

    Tori: thanks for writing about the subject of cognitive dissonance.

    Daniel B.

  2. Robert, Welcome aboard OTP. One thing Olivetti does not seem to have integrated into their typewriters after acquiring Underwood is the nice loud clear sounding and unique Underwood bell. I find many European typewriters lacing a decent bell.

    Tori, It sounds like CD accurately describes an orange fellow, and maybe a few others.

  3. Robert, you have an excellent machine there.
    The faint bell is a common complaint for most Olivettis from that era. Hopefully the video will help you remedy it.
    – Brendan in Sacramento (just over the Causeway)

  4. Robert: I had an Olivetti Lettera 22. It too, had a quiet bell. However, I improved it quite a bit by adjusting ever so slightly the bell itself– not the hammer. The bell can easily be reached. I just pushed on it here and there until I found a sweet spot. I hope this helps!

  5. Scott L.

    Having spent a good bit of time in some unsavory places in the 70’s and 80’s I have to extend a hand and a deep thank you for MARS calls. It was the only way to call home in a hurry when the going got tough.

    Mike, in Suquamish

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