3 thoughts on “Friday, September 17, 2021

  1. Nice score on the Quiet Deluxe. Typos in auction listings can be your friends, keeping other potential bidders away. I’m pretty sure I got the deal I did on one of my Skyriters because is was listed as a “type writer” (with the space). I have also seen Quiet Deluxes listed as being “Quite Deluxe”. They are, but the typo amuses me.

  2. Kent – Then there’s air drag. Air drag varies as the square of speed. The power necessary to overcome this drag is proportional to the cube of the speed. Say there’s a 5 mile long hill. Pedal up it at 2.5 mph and it will take two hours. Double your power and you’ll climb at nearly 5mph (in the aggregate of forces to overcome, air drag doesn’t amount to much at slow speeds) and you’ll save almost an hour. Down the back side at 30mph (where air drag is by far the largest force to overcome) and it will take 10 minutes to descend. Double your power and you’ll save hardly more than two minutes! “Hills pay the bills.”

  3. Keep ON Truckin’ Mike,
    Well said. Most young people today do not want to do the neat things we did as boys and young men. They were brought up with too much screen time and computer games. I read an article in this week’s Lancet about the rise in childhood near sightedness due to children staring at a screen too long. No surprise to me, I said it years ago. No one, especially children get out and do things any more they stare at a fixed distance for hours on end for their entire life.

    As far as the medical field, with the virus I am perfectly fine no longer being and EMT-P. I do miss the fire service very much though, especially the Hot Shot crew.

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