5 thoughts on “Saturday, September 18, 2021

  1. Thank you. I enjoy all the different stories and perspectives here and although I may not contribute each day I do read the daily entries. They are part of my morning.

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  2. Juan, don’t be so hard on yourself. Tell us more about what you like to do. Where the yellow brick road has taken you so far. The idea of traveling is mine too. Maybe a few of us should road trip with typewriters some day? Let’s look to the future and what it might bring. Do you get to see the sun rise and set every day? That’s what I want. Living in DC is tall building and not seeing much sun. Need to change where I live. So many options!

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  3. Linda, thank you for your words of encouragement. I feel bad for feeling bad lol. I really didn’t mean to seem like I was that down but thank you guys for the pep talk. See you tomorrow morning on OTP 🙂


  4. El Señor Xicano,

    Please submit your typing. It reminds me of sitting across the kitchen table with an old friend and a mutual adult beverage. Many discussions and rants.

    Mike in Suquamish

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