4 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 22, 2021

  1. Mike, I have no plan. I do carry paper and pens everywhere. If an idea comes to me I jot it down. Being retired and living alone means that nothing competes for my thoughts. Many years ago I wrote a small book but it was very easy. It just poured out. I have another book but until I feel moved to let it out I don’t. I go with the flow and don’t have any pressure. It feels great to not ever have “to do” anything.

  2. Bill J, thanks for your thoughts and motivation. I hope I’m not too old to run for office or serve a community. Once I determine where I want to live, I will dive in. Best way to meet people too.

  3. I agree about what you said about the underpinnings of a society; integrity and morality, but I would like to add another ingredient lacking presently. Logic. Or if that alone sounds too theoretical or clinical, then also humanism. Lies and alternative realities are resulting in people ingesting bleach and horse dewormers. I believe that in grade school, children must read and understand Carl Sagan’s Timeless Baloney Detection Kit, or at least something that matches, because wingnuts are in charge, and wingnuts are following. Too many people don’t even believe what their eyes see. There is little training in rational thinking. If there was, would we have what we have?

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