4 thoughts on “Friday, September 24, 2021

  1. Roger, The Frank Sinatra with Red Norvo Qyuintet is on YouTube here:

    It’s an MP4, you can just listen, or download it, or download and convert to MP3, all for free. Unless, of course, you@re a CD collector and particularly want it on CD. (Leo)


  2. Ron, that’s awesome that you get to hear Beethoven performed live. For my money, the best recordings by the greatest orchestras don’t hold a candle to hearing an average ensemble perform great works in person. This world needs more live music of all genres.

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  3. Lucas, another benefit, I find, to typing on a typewriter, for me, is that it gives pause and clarity to my thoughts. Typing on a computer does not give me “pause” and the moments of deliberation between a thought to the touching of keys, gives me a certain clarity that I would not normally get in Word and the auto-correction of typos and syntax distractions.


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