5 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 29, 2021

  1. Brendan and William,
    I gotta try typing on grocery and shopping bags like you guys did! Awesome on that McDonald’s bag. Now there will be that much less trash in the bin (unless the bag is ultra greasy…lol)! This will shock my pen pals for sure!

  2. This is the sort of creativity that I thought was fun when I first got interested in typewriters in 2010, but was raked over the coals by family back in England when I typed a letter on the backside of a fresh, unused paper place mat from a local restaurant. I was told that if I can’t be bothered to write on proper paper, I shouldn’t write at all. Now I’m starting to wonder if I was a decade ahead of my time, or did my family just have problems with creativity. All the best,

  3. Lucas, thanks for movie recommendation Kodachrome. I needed a good movie to watch today. Frustrating visit to DMV (i may rant about later), not feeling very well, so a movie will make me happy. I am confident that Jason Sudeikis is the man every woman wants.
    Everyone is in love with him as Ted Lasso. I dreamt that I was volunteering with him and some of his players helping kids. Woke up happy from that dream. The show always makes me cry.

  4. Brendan and William, when I was a kid I used our Underwood typewriter to create a neighborhood newspaper. Typing the stories on plain old white paper just didn’t feel like “newspaper” so I started using grocery bags. This was around 1977; I guess I was ahead of my time!

    Lucas, I absolutely love the movie Kodachrome! When I first saw it I told everyone around me to watch it and no one did! It is so nice to see someone else who appreciated it.

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