9 thoughts on “Thursday, September 30, 2021

    1. Hi Linda,
      I would also suggest you extend your search for a similar model: SCM Electra 110, 120 or 220. The 110 is a bit smaller and weighs less than the big 120 and 220 with their 12″ platen.
      Daniel B

    2. Hi Linda,
      I have arthritis and although I love my Olivetti-Underwood 21 manual, I find it hard to type on, it takes a lot of finger strength. That’s why I prefer the electric, with manual return. I found the SCM Coronet via Facebook Marketplace, and filtered to pickup near me only. I sent you a separate email with my address. Thanks!

  1. Gotta love that cat!

    Keep On Truckiin’ Mike: sounds like a Southern dinner, You need fresh steamed Collard or Turnip Greens or even Popeye’s favorite.

  2. Mike in Virginia

    I realize it’s getting a little late in the day, but we had a discussion thread about that sticky substance on Olympias in Typewriter Talk about a year ago. It’s the dried glue that was used to hold the type bar rest into the frame. Use acetone or Goof-Off to remove the glue, then reattach the rest with automotive trim adhesive. All the best,


    1. Sky, I’m glad I went back to read more comments from yesterday! That glue may explain some of the goo. It was heavy on the rest but also on the underside of the keys. The mystery is that there was also goo on the tops of some keys and in the segment. Fortunately brake cleaner, mostly acetone, worked. I only used alcohol on the rest so that took longer. The rest seems too short now so I may have to find something to replace it.

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