4 thoughts on “Saturday, October 2, 2021

  1. Catalina,
    Love seeing the photos and reading about your Kerouac alley event. Made me miss San Francisco. It’s getting to be time for a road trip north. Re: Diane DiPrima…I began reading her in college and later met her when a college friend and she paired up. He was 20 or so years younger than her and they stayed together until her death. I see that City Lights has a couple of event planned later in the month in her honor.

  2. Ron A. – Justice Page was our commencement speaker at my Winona State graduation in the late 90’s. Nice to see him honored with a school named for him. It’s good to have something to be proud of in Minneapolis, given the racial struggle for equality here. Thanks for mentioning this in your post. I’m running the TCM 10 mile today, you may know that often Justice Page plays his tube along the marathon course, near his home on Lake of the Isles.

  3. Suzzi,
    Thanks for your reply. Growing up in Roseville, Minnesota, I was a huge Viking fan and Alan Page was my favorite player. Even though my career took me to Iowa, I have followed his life and career and have deep respect for him. There is a wonderful YouTube video of him at the marathon playing his tuba. What a guy!

  4. Lucas,

    You will enjoy Bisbee. A number of years ago we were visiting relatives in Sierra Vista. My sister in law took us to Bisbee. We have a nearby town, Port Townsend, here in Washington. When we got to Bisbee we were surprised at the similarity, look and feel of this new town. I mentioned this to a clerk who worked one of the shops and it turned out she was from Sequim (don’t pronounce the e), another town here and we even had a mutual acquaintance. The world is small.

    Enjoy your visit.


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