10 thoughts on “Sunday, October 3, 2021

  1. Hello fellowship of OTP,

    There is so much wisdom and entertainment in the variety of clever texts on OTP. It’s like getting free consults on love, life and typewriters. I learn a lot from your work. Helps me understand the different views of men and women, and of those with more or less life experience. Thank you!

    I also want to reply (late) to the question posed by Linda: do you like all your typewriters? Honestly, no. I bought some models based on their reputation from books, YouTubers and websites. Some are great and others are… meh, ok, but not my favorite.

    Unfortunately, I bought most of my machines second hand in bad condition. The upside was they were cheap. They needed cleaning and repairs to work and once I did clean and repair them, I found they worked okay but some did not suit me.

    Yesterday, there was an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper about the resurgence of typewriters. Tom Cholowski (of Regina, Saskatchewan) was interviewed and said buyers need to try many different machines before finding one that really fits their taste.

    That’s what I have been doing but I have had to buy them first in order to really have a chance to try them. In consequence, I now have too many typewriters for what I need and I will be selling some.

    Daniel B. in Ottawa

  2. Leo your 5 minute poem speaks to how most have lived their entire privileged lifetime and how some of us have forgotten the cold nights with no roof.

  3. Hi, “just otro Xicano”, I’m glad the poem resonated with you. Some time ago (2nd August, 5MP #32) I wrote a poem that was inspired by one of your pages, and I acknowledged you after the title, but I wonder if you ever saw it?
    Cuidate. (Leo)

  4. Today’s OTP was great! I have to agree with Daniel B. regarding all the various writings and styles. Everything that all the typers submit gives me a moment to ponder their words and how they apply to me and the world as I see it.

    Hugh in Eugene

  5. Yes, Leo, I liked your poem for calling out all the wrong that we do when we worry about things that people with no real worries worry about. We worry our greedy misses while the poor stay poor and hungry and closer to death than one should be. A world where some worry about such as the rain spoiling their game of the spoiled, golf.
    I never liked that “sport” for all it throws in my face.

    And no, I did not see the poem that maybe my mostly mispelled pages here might have helped you with. Where can I find it?
    Y gracias for letting me know that a word or two of mine did not go without being thought on. Gracias.

    1. Hello again. There doesn’t seem to be a quick search option on OTP, one has to keep scrolling down day by day. It was 5-Minute Poem #32, written on 3rd August. If you find it, I hope you like it.

  6. I found it and I would say I loved it but I cannot love all the bad that we who are not lightskinned suppress to survive. It is essential poetry, the poem that brings truth…as ugly and colorhateful as that truth is.
    Yes, it is a great set of words put together to speak to the soul. A poem that does what poetry should do, cause pause and maybe steel an insistance for better.

    1. Phew! High praise indeed. But now I’m worried about living up to all that. My next one is a light piece about typers, and the one after that I considered too weak (and potentially offensive) so I’m not submitting it. I gave up trying to change the world a long time ago but one can write about it and try to live in a way that isn’t too hypocritical and hurtful. One can try, anyway. Hasta luego, Juan.

  7. Tom, maybe building the bike was just what you needed. Building it piece by piece is like putting your life back together after divorce. I still feel like I’m trying to find happiness but not sure how or where. I keep moving and meeting strangers who see me as just who I am now. I have worked on a book about navigating the medical world as a patient. But I don’t really want to finish it. I pick it up from time to time to reflect and heal from the experiences both good and bad. Be proud of your effort knowing it served some purpose for you to move on. I’m sure it was a work of art, just like books and typewriters.

  8. Tom, very interesting introspection. Goes to show all stages of life can be wonderful or difficult, it’s up to us to make the most of each stage and learn, grow and laugh along the way! 🙂

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