8 thoughts on “Monday, October 4, 2021

  1. Bill — thanks for more from Larry & Peggy! I am also impressed with your clean typing!

    I am curious to all OTP submitters: Do you type with hands at home keys (asdf/jkl;) or do you use the hunt and peck method? I am a home keys typer— but am thinking perhaps I could create cleaner pages with the hunt and peck method.

    Happy Typing!

    1. Suzzi,

      After 37 years of using four fingers for typing, last spring after my 54th Birthday, I decided to learn to touch-type with the proper fingers on the home keys and without looking at the keyboard. I am getting better at it every day and this makes me really proud!

      Daniel B.

      1. Daniel, learning to touch type after another typing/keyboarding style has ingrained itself in you over a long period of time is truly impressive — congratulations!

    2. Hi Suzzi, I’m a touch typist using the home keys. This was ingrained in me when I was forced to take typing classes way back when I was in high school. But trust me, I still make mistakes — I just cover them with the use of correction strips (such as KO-REC-TYPE). The strip is inserted between the paper and the ribbon and then you re-strike over the incorrect character(s). Then when you type back over the correction, it is practically unnoticeable. Ultimately this does lead to the need to clean the typewriter more often, so I sometimes try to break myself of this habit. (Larry would be very disappointed in me.)

  2. Suzzi,
    Congrats to you and your hubby on doing all these races and triathlons! I am a terribly bad swimmer and 3/4 mile in open water would be terrifying! Your stories made me laugh. You are a great story-teller!

    Daniel B.

  3. I look at the keys as I peck away with mostly two fingers. I can peck pretty fast, I think, with not too many mistakes maybe 🙂

  4. William,
    The paper bag revolution is real!
    I find I think (and type) differently when I’m writing my Garbage Bag Journals. Something about the texture and the weight of the paper changes my entire writing process. That may sound strange, but those who write are nothing if not strange… in fact, that’s rather the point.

  5. Hello
    I mostly look at the keys….
    I use most of my fingers…
    My issue is I am writing on the fly, then X out when I want to change something or don’t like the direction of something. Rough drafts really. Just need to get the story out of my head and on paper. 🤗

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