7 thoughts on “Thursday, October 7, 2021

  1. Daniel M so nice to hear from you. I was a bit worried. I remember the dropping off at college experience too. As for having a teen girl the best way to connect is to let her drive you around. You best conversations will be spontaneous just like with your son. Girls like to drive and talk. The other idea is to take her to the movies. Make it a date night and let her pick the movie. The ride home will be discussing the movie. Happy you got a job, love REI although I don’t do much outdoors so just look at their goods.

  2. Leo, I love your sense of humor. My response to other OTPers is usually nodding, smiling, and the occasional “Ahhhh.” Yours tend to make me laugh out loud. It is a tremendous talent to be able to be funny and make someone laugh without actually telling a joke. The way you manipulate the ebb and flow of the language is both a gift and a practiced talent.

  3. Daniel: That great riddle of life you mentioned? I’ll give you a clue. After being married for 46 years and having raised two daughters… it’s unsolvable 😀. (Enjoy. Teenage daughters are the best! )

  4. Congrats Daniel!
    Kent — loved the werewolf full analysis — I would add werewolves have a cool theme song by CCR.
    Brendan — Awesome written dialect!
    All OPTers — so many wonderful things to read!

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