6 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 13, 2021

  1. Bill,

    Last, night, I watched part of the recorded session of the Typewriter Club LIVE meeting and I wish I had been there for this really dynamic and instructive discussion. I particularly felt I could have contributed to the discussion to help Kim from Toronto with her search for a good, affordable second hand typewriter. BTW, I love the Elite typeface size of my RQDL and the 2,3 mm (11 cpi) size of my SM9 😉 I don’t regret having spend my Sunday working around the house and fixing electric problems though.

    Daniel B.

    1. Daniel,

      Hopefully you’ll find the time to join the group on another Sunday in the future. I have little doubt that Kimberly would love some good tips on finding a decent machine for less money there where she is located. The Elite typeface thing was funny, I only mentioned my preferences as the question was presented to the group. The reality is that I’ll gladly accept a letter written in just about any typeface.

      I’m not exactly anti-Elite (12 CPI) by the way as I own couple such machines myself. I spent a number of years working as a graphic designer and perhaps I tend to view things differently as a result. Now much older, readability is even more important to me these days. Therefore my preference for for the slightly larger typefaces. The majority of the machines I own are about evenly split between 10 CPI and 11 CPI sized type.


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  3. A large part of the Great American Songbook contains the songs of Irving Berlin. His father was a cantor in a synagogue. He has very little memory of his childhood in Russia, except “…lying on a blanket by the side of a road, watching his house burn to the ground. By daylight the house was in ashes.” Berlin was also a WWI veteran in USA Army. Great songs come from extraordinary experience.

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