4 thoughts on “Friday, October 15, 2021

  1. Anthony,
    Lol on the return key! Can’t believe it!

    So glad to know that the typing event was a success!


  2. Natasha,

    It was really interesting watching how people approached the machines. Where you’d think the kids would be slap happy, they were all business, and it was the adults giggling and smiling, all proud of themselves when they typed something. “Look at me!” And what I saw could have been broadcast over the radio as numerous wrestling matches, with the typewriters winning. Nobody wanted to punch the keys the way it takes for a typewriter to function. And when I’d demonstrate, they were kind of surprised at what could be considered, light violence compared to a computer’s keyboard, or a phone. A couple people did manage to take charge of the keyboards, though. Pics on the website, http://www.dustrustoilink.com

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