7 thoughts on “Sunday, October 17, 2021

  1. Hi Catalina.

    I only came across ‘Carolina Blue’ when researching Underwood Golden Touch typewriters for CAROLINE SAYS and came across a listing on Ebay that said” Sky blue (aka Carolina Blue here in Chapel Hill)”. Hideaway Golden Touch typers are impossible to find at any price, but I only chose them because the name seemed so appropriate. Now I really want one! Is it pure coincidence, or have you actually read that far in Caroline Says? (W.G.)

  2. Eric, Welcome to OTP. Don’t worry about too many typewriters. I try to rotate mine by the week. I still don’t get to every one each year.
    You know you have too many when the storage shelves fall.

    I remember my grandma making soap before I started school; good old lye soap.

    Ribbons: FJA probably has the largest selections of colors. My problem with their ribbons is, like most on line sellers, I need to respool them onto good spools since the not universal spools cause more problems on a typewriter than they are worth. Stick with Baco. Tony Casillo is one of the few who supplies ribbons on original metal spools. Jay Respler may have them also.

  3. MichaelRpdx – Paul Nixon told me about a good ribbon source he uses — ribbonsunlimited.com. Tons of colors for your specific machine. Nylon, silk, cotton choices. I’m placing an order tomorrow. I’ve tried eBay in the past for ribbons.

  4. Eric, the Clermont!!! We kicked off a bachelors party at the Clermont Lounge back in the late 1980s. What a dump but it was a must see, must do. I grew up in Altanta and the Clermont was always a mysterious landmark. I’m glad to see it has been repurposed. Thanks for sharing

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