6 thoughts on “Monday, October 18, 2021

  1. Mike in WA – very cool typewriter. I have Port Townsend on my bucket list. Years ago I wanted to attend the yearly writers conference but not sure they still do. I think they also have a vintage wooden boat event and wow I’m into that too. Funny that during Covid I forgot about all the places on my travel list. Beautiful photos I’ve seen of that area. Maybe next year.

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  2. Mike,

    That’s fantastic, congratulations! I’m really glad that it all worked out. Yet again, the power of snail mail shines through (along with a little luck perhaps). 😎



    1. No sooner did I read your letter when I jumped on my wife’s FB account to check it out and set up a meeting. The Tyler was in pristine condition and types beautifully. Thanks again for the tip.


  3. Brendan,
    Your admission of reading the OPT submissions sacred me at first. (Someone actually reads these things?!) I attended the last iteration of the Typewriter Club and I was told by two people that they read my posts and liked them. My heart grew three sizes. Thanks for your encouraging words to all who toss their thoughts to the digital wind sharing them with anyone willing to read them


    1. You’re most welcome, but the reading is a pleasure — so many ideas and POVs!

      Thanks due to Daniel for having a wonderful idea, executing it, and keeping it going.


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