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  1. Suzzi, oh my god! I lived in Rochester and worked at Mayo Clinic for 5 years. I was in the Mayo Today and I wrote my story and they only changed one word. A proud moment to be in it with the surgeon who saved my life. I just saw the Tammy Fay Baker movie in the theatre. What a life she had (so sad) and she died and Jim was released and still living. I also LOVED the paper you typed on. You have my email if you want to chat about caregiver issues. Congrats on new job too! Life never slows down and be thankful for that.

  2. Hi Catalina.
    First of all, thank you so much for reading ‘Caroline Says’; it’s hard to keep producing a page a day if one thinks no one is reading it.

    As for ‘microdots’, I think you googled it as two words instead of one. What Jennifer places under the typewriter keys are the following (Wikipedia): “A microdot is text or an image substantially reduced in size to prevent detection by unintended recipients. Microdots are normally circular and around one millimetre in diameter but can be made into different shapes and sizes and made from various materials such as polyester or metal.”
    Though, that dot candy sounds like it might find a place in the story…
    Thanks again. (W.G.)

    1. I’m not planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but have done so in the past. Never achieved the standard 30 days / 50K words, but each time was a great experience.
      First time was a 30,000 word purge that didn’t amount to much, but helped grease the mental wheels. Three years ago was the best — only able to do it for 10 consecutive days, but in the end I had 9,000 words I didn’t have before — good narrative now in the process of being shaped into a large piece.
      Anyone who is on the fence about NaNoWriMo should give it a shot. Nothing to lose, much potential gain.

  3. Gotta keep those feets acoming Rev. Ted. BTW, My H3ks and Baby no longer wonder all over the place when I type.

    Keep on Truckin’ Mike, good to see you are enjoying a Lettera 32. They seem to be the quietest typewriters, even quieter than an H3k with a JJ Short platen. My Lettera 32 has quickly become by travel typewriter replacing Hermes Babies and S-C Skyriters. Full featured, small, and light as well as very quiet for a manual. My go-to morning typewriter.

    William, Beautiful TP-1. Those are greatly underestimated in favor of H3k machines. The Facit TP-1 is one of, if not the best, portable typer (as long as the ribbon spool lube does not harden). Robert Messenger calls them the Prince of Typewriters. Mine generally takes center stage whenever I have it at a Type-In. An Alpina may type very closely the same as the TP-1, no others come close.

    Barbara, Just think. Not too long ago all the stuff on the ships was made in the USA.

  4. Oh Lilly,

    Wanted to comment before about how I miss reading “The First Summer of my Life” but did not want to put any pressure on you if you decided to take a break. How wrong I was to not express my admiration for your work before! I can see now that my hesitancy at saying how I love the story is rooted in my own biases about transgender issues. Issues I have not been much exposed to before and which I did not actively seek to understand. So the story helps me grow as a human being. I was not open minded to the LGBT+ issues and challenges in my younger years or maybe I chose not to see them with my heart. As an adult, I want to be more sensitive and open minded and defend human rights more now than ever before.

    I respectfully disagree with Tom’s first point. I like that it is a coming of age story. Just like I love “Harry Potter” or “The Wind in the Willows” although maybe for different reasons. The empathy shown between the two young protagonists is fantastic.

    Your original fiction is emotionally intelligent and full of surprises. I am amazed at how kind Dashiell is to Reese and how Reese is courageous. Your story is helping me understand and see how it would have been if I had to put myself in the shoes of those two teenagers when I was their age.

    Thank you for writing it and please accept these late words of encouragement. I hope you get to read the comments. I think I will retype this as an OTP.

    Daniel Burgoyne

  5. The First Summer of my Life is wonderful. Lilly you can’t just stop this journey. I want to encourage you to send a page or two to Teen Vogue and hopefully they will want an article or a monthly column. Lilly, your writing is thoughtful and well written. Don’t leave us hanging, please. We all know what moves us and everyone skips over some but we all find what feeds our soul. Thank you

  6. Hello all,

    For Lilly and WG,

    Don’t be discouraged from posting your works. You are both great and a couple of former editors have seen our stuff here and have had very positive things to say. Maybe not to us individually, but as a collective. You may be surprised who is reading your work. I was discouraged myself at first until I mentioned in Typewriter Club Live that I was the writer of the Marriage Counseling Series and Kensington Island (As The Typewriter Turns as well, but that’s on the back burner…lol). That’s when a few people in the group mentioned that they have been reading it and had questions about where it (Marriage Counseling) was going and someone else was reading Kensington. I was stuck on it for a while, but brought it back, for better or worse, because I was encouraged by the readers who seem to be into it and I had no idea. Catalina, you were the first to tell me that you were reading the series and I sincerely appreciate that. Among others who have said something encouraging or brought up Dr. Weizman or Lucinda in a comment. That says alot. These things are not lost on me…
    WG, it is tough writing a page a day and wondering what for? Is anyone reading it? Anyone have any queries, etc? I say keep going! Let’s keep doing it! Thank you to Daniel Marleau for this outlet for writers, artists, etc. who need this. Who knows where this may lead! I could say more, but my thumb is tired 😂

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