8 thoughts on “Thursday, October 21, 2021

  1. Lucas,

    Here’s a bike commuting tip from a retired professional bike commuter: leave the work shoes at work. If they really are work shoes, what do you need them at home for?

    And I really was a professional bike commuter. In the early 2000s for a couple of years I was the Commute Program Director for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. If you have any bike commute questions you think I might be able to help with, email me anytime at kentsbike@gmail.com

  2. Lucas — kudos for your comments on cystic fibrosis. Good to hear that your friend’s daughter has a good prognosis. Two of my children have CF, a daughter (20) and a son (19 next month). Both have been exceptionally healthy; they share a rare genetic mutation with less than 1% of the CF population, which in their cases has meant less serious respiratory involvement.

    The new medicines and advanced treatments have helped to extend lifespans tremendously. I expect your friend knows about Kalydeco and the new “miracle drug” Trikafta cocktail. Starting Kalydeco in 2012 was a turning point for both of my children, allowing them to start putting on much needed weight, and they never looked back.

    There is warranted hope that CF is largely becoming a matter of health maintenance. Please extend my best wishes to your friend and her daughter. CF is a challenge, but it should not define her.

  3. Dato – exceptionally clean, crisp, beautiful typing. Is it the machine? The paper? The ribbon? Or is it like handwriting, and even with the same set up my sheets would still be a bit Pigpen? 🙂

    Fun fact: Cadillac pioneered the V8 in production passenger cars in 1914, but it was not until 1928 they fitted cross-plane cranks.

  4. Hey OTP folks, I was having technical difficulties yesterday and not able to post page 2 of my Wednesday 10/19/21 page. Daniel posted my page 1 twice — which was my error. I apologize for that. I will be on a family trip to for the wedding of my niece in Minnesota. I will not be bringing a typewriter as I have on other leisurely trips. But I will be reading the OTP posts daily. I’ll be back Monday. Wow, a lot of sexual energy in “Caroline Says” with all the paper insertion and “ding”ing. Hahahah! Letter from Maggie hysterical. Hahahah! Good to read of Reese and Dash plotting away. Welcome Lynn to OTP. Dato, good to read your typed words. Mike in VA, that 3X5 letter press is awesome. Death is an interesting topic. Decacent Fournee Bakery. I am racked with guilt going to La Farine. Oh, that gato gris de los muerte is a friend of Xicano. If you feed it; it will befriend you. He has many friends. Now I regret my page 2 was not posted. Strange feeling to have. I typed, “What were you thinking? If you type it, they will read it.”

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