7 thoughts on “Sunday, October 24, 2021

  1. Thank you, “Life is (not) a Typewriter”. As you probably know, poetry pays even less than minimum wage (at least, mine does), but this kind of praise and engagement with the work is (almost) better than money. And urging other people to read it – what more could one ask for? Also, thanks for making me aware of Reverse Bug. I’ve downloaded it and will read it later today. Kurt Vonnegut, of course, was one of my idols in my teenage years and well into my twenties and thirties, until I stopped having idols. I wish he was still alive, still writing in that inimitable, humorous, limpid style about the foibles of humanity. His book on Trump would have trumped all the others. Trump could’ve been invented by Vonnegut. What a shame he isn’t fiction, and uses fiction instead for personal gain. But don’t get me started…

  2. Natasha, you win for coolest typewriter. I am glad you like the Star Trek paper and if no one else requests any I’ll send you more. Good luck with outdoor event!

  3. Dato, if you are an eBay fan there is lots of cool Swensen’s Ice Cream items. Check it out. I used to have a huge vintage ice cream collection but had to sell it years ago so still have a few items but sure miss my neon sign.

  4. Thanks Linda. I am an eBay. I will check out it’s “Swensen’s Collection” but I’m in the less is more phase of life. I’m trying to shed items not attract them. LOL.

    1. As we all are but collecting is in our blood. I am packing to move to a cheaper apartment so am getting rid of stuff. I do this every 3-4 years so I am down to a couch, bed, lamp, 2 record players, 2 typewriters, table & chairs and about a dozen boxes. No house or car to weigh me down. But I’m simultaneously planning to get an apartment in CA early next year.

    2. Frustrated by technology. If I post from phone it puts my old Ask the Mayo Patient blog as sign in but if I use my ipad it puts my name for OTP. Go figure.. Oh well, I’ll start signing Linda on all comments just in case

  5. My apologies to Mike in Suquamish for ignoring the question he asked me in the comments section after I posted about Theodore Bernstein. Sorry to say but I’ve just recently discovered the comments and went back and read some earlier ones. To Mike’s question about reading old Bernstein columns, I assume they are in the NY Times archives. Requires a subscription. Was a time when a person who lived in a city as small as Little Rock could go to the local library and read old newspaper issues on microfilm. Tough on the eyes. Gives me vertigo. I recommend reading Berstein’s books, The Careful Writer and Miss Thistlebottom’s Hobgoblins.

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