23 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 26, 2021

  1. Mike in WA, not sure what typewriter spools you need but did you see photo of the kind I want to give away? I have 11 of them. Box says Victor series, nytronic, E 233 (clear as mud right.) As for postage hike you can blame Louis DeJoy or google his latest crimes against post office and why. Prices from now through holidays will be doubled or tripled. If you are mailing holiday gifts, think twice or be prepared. Maybe just a typewritten letter to loved ones would be enough this year!

    1. Linda, I think they would be marked specific to Olivetti. A lot of their models seem to use the same proprietary ribbons. If you have one, I would welcome it.

  2. MichaelRpdx – wow what a flashback. I loved all Natalie Goldberg’s books Top of my Lungs is great poetry writing reference.

  3. Juan, you win for best finds. Both typewriters are real beauties. Plus much needed rain. Life is good!

  4. Thank you Linda.
    And many thanks to he who is Brown in Brooklyn. I like the proudness. I love the truth in your words. The truth although painful at times feels a strange comfort.
    We know where “America” places us but like the wolf we roam outside those borders. Always in danger of the Mans traps.

  5. Brown in Brooklyn, welcome to OTP. I loved your post. Ranting to me just means honesty. I wake up and write about injustices in this country. Having grown up in the 50s I wonder what has changed. We are in scary times as a country. I do love the type on your typewriter. What kind? I don’t collect typewriters but am obsessed with vintage paper. Send me your address and I’ll share some with you. Send to rockey_linda@yahoo.com

  6. Luke in Taichung,

    Thanks for this little précis about removing the Hermes 3000 carriage. I do not own one but it is on my list to have.

    Daniel B.

  7. Aaaaaah! Where’s Chapter 33? Oh. Forgot to scan and send it. Phthphth. Double tomorrow.

    Hmm. Today’s OTP seems to be serialized fiction lite all around. Hmm.

    Pho is widely available here in Plano, Texas.

    Juan – Love the classic flattop! Exciting to imagine what it’s going to type for you. : )

  8. Hi, “Lilly”. You wrote: “Hmm. Today’s OTP seems to be serialized fiction lite all around. Hmm”. I’m not against ‘fiction lite’ (whatever that happens to be) but I prefer to think of my ongoing novel ‘Caroline Says’ as just ‘fiction’.

    1. Ruh-roh! Sounds like we might be headed for an OTP Smackdown. Just think how many great entries might hatch from this.

      [All in good fun… I define ‘fiction lite’ as that little clip-on device that helps me read Flannery O’Connor at night.]


  9. I interpreted Lilly’s “serial fiction lite” comment to mean that today’s page was “lite” on the number of serial fiction entries and not in any way a value judgement of the “weight” of the writing.

    1. Hi, Kent. Yes, it could mean that, I suppose. I apologise if I misinterpreted the statement by Lilly. This writer’s ego is easily bruised.

  10. I’m weird and my mind goes to strange places on a whim. When I see Fiction Lite I somehow see it as fat free fiction. A nice alliteration.

  11. Lucas, I carry a folded square of that “rubber” stuff in my to go typer case and have a square laid permanently on my typing table to receive the typer du jour.

  12. Now that Xicano has an old flat-top I’m sure all the typing will come groovin’ up slowly. If slides around on the desk you can fix it up with some walrus gumboots.

    Keep your feet down below your knees typers.

    1. There’s no such thing as a bad time to reference The Beatles.

      I’ve failed my children in so many ways, but I got most of them hooked on a band that broke up in 1970. One of my proudest achievements.

  13. Oh and I also understood the “lite” description as it being due to not too many fiction submissions. But a little controversy might rev up the creative juices. We will see…

    1. Or would a hyphen between ‘serial’ and ‘fiction’ been helpful?

      I’m aware that Kensington Island and Dr Weizman were missing, in addition to your own fiction. I won’t pretend to read every word of everything; I don’t believe anyone on this site does, except, perhaps, for Catalina, and Daniel Marleau, who naturally has to ensure there’s nothing nasty going through. I never read stuff about food or nature, for example. Anyway, I’m sorry I misunderstood what you wrote. I did apologise earlier. I think my embarrassment is punishment enough but if you wish to make further snarky remarks, do feel free to do so.

      1. I make sure to carve out time every day to read each OTP in full. It’s my daily “coffee break” that I look forward to more than, well… most anything.

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