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  1. ROBERT IN DAVIS: absolutely brilliant post. I’m going to order and read your book. If you like film as a way of thinking society, I wonder if you know Frank Wilderson’s RED, WHITE, AND BLACK. Wilderson is your colleague up the road at UC Irvine. I featured two of his books in my shelfie yesterday. Thank you for sharing from your work and thinking. H@M

  2. Also, ROBERT IN DAVIS, I wonder if you know these two great ethnographies about the reproduction of racial and class inequalities in schools: Paul Willis’ LEARNING TO LABOUR and Clarissa Hayward’s DEFACING POWER? H@M

  3. XICANO, false equivalences are the currency of our time. I’m glad you are checking for counterfeits. Good to hear your green voice today, mi brown hermano. Remember, I’m betting on you, and I don’t like to lose.

  4. Thanks Horses At Midnight. I am going back and forth on the NaNoWriMo thing. That’s why I don’t gamble. But still thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Michael Rpdx,

    Thank you for what you said about the cliffhanger on the “Lucinda Saga” pages.

    Lol. It’s actually called “Marriage Counseling Series”, part of a three-part novel I am working on called “The Courtship of Adrian and Lucinda”, “The Marriage”, and “The End”, loosely based on a real life famous couple in the year 1963:

    Dr. Josef Weizman: psychologist/therapist/American/New Yorker/in his 50s/practices in New York City

    Adrian Collier (birth name Simon Eldridge): Husband/suffers multiple personality disorder due to early childhood trauma/unfaithful as a result/age 35/famous actor on Broadway and starred in films in Hollywood, France, Italy/occasional model/English

    Lucinda McMillan-Eldridge: Wife/opera and jazz performer/age 45/Irish-born/diva/child prodigy

    Michelline Toussaint: Mistress/age 22/mental case over Adrian/French/actress/artist

    Sharon Beckart: Dr. Weizman’s secretary/age 26

    Takes place in New York City, New York.

    1. Forgot to mention the couple married on Lucinda’s 30th birthday in 1946. Adrian was 19 years old.

      Forgot to add:
      Barbara “BeBe” McMillan-Eldridge: Lucinda’s daughter from a previous “dalliance” with an African-American singer who bore a striking resemblance to Cab Calloway/mixed race/adopted formally by Adrian at age 11/ballet dancer/pianist/raised by Lucinda’s parents in the UK

      1. Natasha, what OTP date did you start posting the series on? I’d like to go back and read from the first post. H@M

    2. Thank for the the background.
      Question of the Day: why does Michelline, with her thick French accent go to feet/inches by default? (when describing his height) I would expect it given in centimeters.

      1. Michael Rpdx,

        You are right about that. I will see what the equivalent is and change it. Thank you!

      2. Michael Rpdx
        Also one way I could get around that is she (Michelline) has worked and lived in the US for sometime, however off and on, so it may be possible for her to know both by then, but I will keep that in mind for future writing. I must remember kilometers instead of miles as well…lol.

    3. I wanted to say before, Michelline is an unusual spelling for a name in French. It would be pronounced Michelle-Lynn.
      The normal spelling is Micheline and is pronounced Mish-Lynn.
      It might be confusing because of the spelling of Michelle, and a variant spelled Michèle.

      Daniel B.

      1. Daniel,
        Thank you. Think I’ll leave that one, perhaps her mom wanted to do something different with the name…lol. At most I’d probably take one “l” out.

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