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  1. Hi, H@M: “Show me a creative who doesn’t have some ceremony…” Oddly enough, I came across that Bukowski quote just yesterday in “Absence of the Hero”. As for Hanif Kureishi, my mates and I would often see him in the streets of Fulham in the 1980s (when I lived there), roundabout the time of The Buddha of Suburbia, and we would shout across the road, “Hi, Hanif!” and he would always smile and wave back. Class act. (Leo)

  2. Lucas, for writing development, check out Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method (https://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/).

    While there are products related to the Snowflake Methods (books, apps, etc.), it truly is a method you can use without spending a single dime. Ingermanson pretty much gives away the entire technique on his site.

    While I haven’t used it all the way through, I do find the steps useful when working up a character’s bio and backstory.

    1. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t note the Wavemaker app (http://www.wavemaker.co.uk/), which is effectively a cloud version of Scrivener that can also be used offline and allows you to sync content between any number of access points.

      It’s free to use, although once I started tooling around with it, I chipped in for the developer. It’s quite a powerful and flexible writing development app.

  3. “Show me a creative who doesn’t have some ceremony…” Oddly enough, I came across that Bukowski quote just yesterday…”

    I guess it will be difficult to forget the day someone mistook something I wrote as a Bukowski quote. Honored? Yes!

    1. Ah…That might explain why I couldn’t find it on Google nor in “Absence of the Hero…”I must’ve read it in your OTP the same day I read the Bukowski. Still, no harm done, I hope. It’s not given to many of us to be mistaken for Bukowski!

  4. John, I am Reading OTP while listening to “Spem in Alium” by Tallis performed by the Tallis Scholars, Cambridge singers et al. Hugh – 914 identified bird! Wow. Kent, I just bought Ruth Ozeki’s new book, thanks for the review. Horeses@midnight, you have a book and more in you. Leo, the baboon is for you; they are colorful when they mate. XicanoWarrior and Covid-19 not again!!! How’s el gato gris? WG, nice vintage spool tins.

  5. I like Bukowski because he is flawed as i am. It is selfish to want others to be as miserable as oneself but when the right person along comes they write poetry

  6. John Baird: Inspiring text, thank you. My wife is the person who got me to appreciate motets, through her love for them. Her musical choices have transferred to me is a gentle way.

    In Ottawa where we live, we are lucky that the National Gallery of Canada acquired Janet Cardiff’s Forty-Part Motet sound sculpture, a rework of Spem in Alium, currently on display in the Rideau Chapel.


    Daniel B

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