9 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 3, 2021

  1. Hi, Catalina. I’m not sure which ‘typewriter part’ went missing in the story, I’ll have to read back to check. You can rest assured, though, that you do inspire me with your occasional mentions of “Caroline Says” in your interesting pages; it’s always good to know that someone’s reading it. And there’s going to be a paragraph I’ve already made notes for which I wouldn’t have written had you not brought something to my attention in one of your OTPs. I’d say you’re an inspiration to many on these pages. Thank you.


  2. Xicano, What you say is true. It is one reason some of the founding fathers of the USA did not want a King or Political Parities. Th Party nonsense is like communism and politicians do not care about the best for the nation or the citizens, only their own gain and ‘the PARTY.
    Sound like Russia, do what the party…..


  3. “Catalyzed, definitional monopoly, actual terrain of power, finger on the pulse, unfolding civilizational process, caricaturize (love those ize words) flatten the enormous tensions, ethnographic sensibility of humility, actual political engagement, impoverished two-dimensional political line.” Whoa, mercy. Some plain language, please.


  4. H@M — powerful stuff and very well expressed.

    Regardless of persuasion, we should not see politics as a game, in which one party wins and the other loses, in an endless cycle. We are ALL heavily invested in the outcome, and should never forget that we are Americans first, with far more in common than that which seems to divide us.


  5. Forgot “unequal power relations of dominance and oppression,” “mode of argumentation,” and “the enduring and ineradicable centrality of the rationality of power in politics.” Well expressed? I don’t think so. Reads like the leaden prose of academe. Snooty.


    1. Dear Roger Williamson, please see tomorrow’s OTP for a rewrite, submitted in your honor. We could call it the George Orwell “Politics and the English Language” revision. But that might be too academic. Very truly un-snootily yours, H@M.

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  6. I think your OTP was well written Horses At Midnight. We may not agree with everybody’s assessments but I enjoy the sophisticated writing of educated folks here. I also enjoy those who write simple stuff either because, like me, we lack the ability to do otherwise, or, that is just our style. Keep up all the good work Gente.


  7. WG, I was thinking on Monday November 1st, page 67, paragraphs 1 and 2 you wrote “….once in a long while, a machine came in that was beyond saving, that was only good for parts, and Damon would buy these from Roberts at a giveaway price and take them home. He had a collection of non-functional typers in his one-bedroom flat…”
    Your writing captures that vibe of geeky me and William of Emeryville, and Mike (came all the way from Virginia) to visit Berkeley Typewriters — and anyone that has been to a typewriter shop USA – it cracks me up. My son asked me why I was laughing so hard. Jose Banuelos always has a single RED typewriter on the floor. Usually, it is a Lettera 22 or Lettera 32 painted RED to look like an Olivetti Valentine. Tastefully done. But it is the butter on his bread. They never sit on the shelf longer than a week. Lol!


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