8 thoughts on “Friday, November 5, 2021

  1. DRO&I — that Dvorak layout is by far the strangest keyboard arrangement I’ve seen. Especially the freaking *numbers* being out of order.
    I think I see the logic, radiating out from the center, but maybe not.

    Given that the typing process is largely muscle memory, I can’t imagine switching back and forth between that and a QWERTY layout. Bilingualism to the extreme!

  2. In Answer to Brendan Murphy

    The Dvorak key map is the smartest key map in my mind. The Sholes or qwerty map was designed to slow the typist down, the Dvorak map was designed to assist speed in typing. When I switched my computer to the US Dvorak keymap, my typing speed went from 15 wpm to 50 wpm in 2 weeks. I used the US Dvorak keymap on my computer for 10½ years and loved it.

    I only switched back once I became interested in typewriters as I was getting confused between my typewriters and my computer. I could wax poetic for a page and a half about the Dvorak keymap and how it makes so much sense, maybe another time. All the best,


    1. Thank you, Sky. Sounds like an OTP submission in the making!
      I’d seen (in photos) different keyboard layouts, but had never paid attention to the Dvorak. It’s intriguing.

  3. The Dvorak keyboard is much easier to use on a computer. I mapped all my PC keyboards to it at least 40 years ago. Now I switch for typing and at first I may make more mistakes on QWERTY, but it is much slower than Dvorak for me even at my best on a QWERTY KB even though I learned way back in the old days when I took typing class in high school.

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