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  1. Hey Catalina!

    Thank you for mentioning my interview today at 4:30pm cst with the Gosslings on Youtube! Hope everyone will watch! 🤗

    Also I promise that is not lingerie peeking out of the drawer (RQDL photo). I don’t keep them there. lol. I saw that after I took the picture and at first thought I should fix that and take another, but decided against it and left it as a snapshot of how things are. This is me…a human in a perfectly imperfect condition. 😊

  2. “the psychology and morality of all those who participated in the production and use of atomic weapons.” Really. I imagine that many people who worked on the Manhattan Project did so because they needed a job. There had recently been a hard times, I’m told. For others, such as military personnel, it was their duty. I suspect many, if not all, saw what they were doing as a way of contributing to the winning of the war, as did many others who worked in war industries. To all it was a way of putting food on the table. I doubt they gave a rat’s ass about the psychology or morality of what they were doing. Mass murder? Both sides had been doing plenty of that before the Manhattan Project was completed.

    1. On all counts: That’s precisely the morality and the psychology I’m interested in, and I really could not have provided a better example of it than your post. So, thank you, dear persistent critic.

  3. If you’re interested in a kind of magical-realist novel dealing with the development of the A-bomb, I strongly recommend Sharma Shields’ THE CASSANDRA. The important thing is that she gets the realist part of magical-realism right. I also have nothing but good things to say about her short story collection and her first novel, THE SASQUATCH HUNTER’S ALMANAC.

    1. Thanks Kent, will check these out. Also my Ozeki book just arrived. I love My Year of Meats and A Tale for the Time Being, so was happy to read your enthusiastic review of her latest. It’s a big book!

  4. Well, it’s nice to know everything. For those who don’t or would like another point of view there’s Thank God For The Atom Bomb by Paul Fussell.

  5. Great interview Natasha! I missed the start..im thinking it was 4:30 et or central. But i remembered at bout 4 pm pacific time. What i saw i truly enjoyed. Gracias.

    1. K. My bad, you did specifically write 4:30pm cst. I’m just dumb with details im thinking. Anyway, thank you for your time with all of us😊.
      Type on.

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